Unambiguous and secure online identification.


Why is a verified identity important?

Depending on the specific use case, you need a verified identity to be able to navigate securely online and prove your identity unambiguously.  

Access to the electronic patient record

Access medical documents online or make them available to healthcare professionals.

Verify your identity: In-person

Legally valid digital signing

Provide legally valid signatures for contracts around the clock and from any location via the SwissID App.

Verify your identity: Online (Swiss passports) or in-person

Access to online portals or citizen portals

Securely log in to insurance companies, e-commerce platforms or cantons.

Verify your identity: Online or in-person

Perform identity verification with ease online

1. Download the SwissID App

2. Have your identity verified

Have your mobile phone and Swiss passport (with biometrics) on hand – and now you’re ready to get started!


Open the SwissID App and click on ID.

Read passport

Place your smartphone on your passport.

Video selfie

Take a video selfie and you’re good to go.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Online identity verification

In-Person identification