Unambiguous and secure online identification.


Why is a verified identity important?

Log in with certainty

You can clearly verified log into the online portals of insurance providers, banks and other services.

Sign digitally

The SwissID App lets you easily sign documents digitally and in a legally valid way around the clock.

Access your patient record

The SwissID is your secure access to your online patient record.

SwissID offers two different levels of identification.

Depending on what you’re using your SwissID for, you will require either the online identity verification via the SwissID App or identification in person. The prerequisite for this is a personal SwissID account, which you can easily create for free in just a few minutes.

Online identity verification through the SwissID App.

Simple. Fast. Free.

1. Download the free SwissID App now.

2. Complete the free identity verification process.

Have your mobile phone and passport/identity card on hand – and now you’re ready to get started.

1. Open

Open the SwissID App and click on ID.

2. Scan

Scan your identity document and follow the instructions.

3. Done

Now you can identify yourself securely online.

The SwissID App also offers many other benefits.
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Identity verification in person.

Recognition at the highest level

To legally recognise your identity at the highest level, identification must be carried out at an in-person meeting. 

Here’s how it works.

1. Create a SwissID account

Log in to your existing SwissID account or create a personal SwissID account.

Please note that the account name must match the one on your identification document.

2. Fill out the application

Open the ‘My verified identity’ section of your SwissID account and follow the instructions.

Download the application form and fill it out.

3. In-person meeting

You can find an identification point near you to have your application form and copies of your ID checked.

We must re-verify your identity in-person every five years.

Do you have any questions about identity verification?

Find out more in our FAQ.


In-Person identification