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Good to know

How does an electronic signature actually work? What electronic signatures are there? Is a digital signature legally valid? Is it accepted as evidence? And which kinds of contracts can you sign with one? Here, you’ll find exciting information about electronic signatures and relevant background knowledge.

SES, AES, and QES at a glance

There are three signature standards in the digital world: the simple, advanced and qualified electronic signature. Learn more about how they differ and when to use them.

Legally valid – or not?

The legal validity of signatures frequently raises questions. Is a scanned signature legally valid? What about electronic signatures? Here’s the legal situation in Switzerland.

Personalised signature

Want to add a company logo to your electronic signature? We’ll show you how easy it is and explain why the signature’s appearance isn’t what matters most.


Swiss contract law

If there is no statutory requirement of form, contracts can in principle be verbal. Here, you’ll find an overview of the three types of contract and the requirements for each.


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