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Electronic patient record (EPR)

Open your EPR from the comfort of your own home

When opening an EPR, the identification can be done entirely online by residents of the following cantons:

Alternative process enabling the opening of an EPR for other cantons

For cantons that do not yet support fully digital identification, we offer an alternative process that allows an EPR identification to be performed on site.

  • 1. Fill out the application form

    Log into your SwissID account or set up a new one.
    You can then download and fill in the CIP application form.
    Please do not forget to give your explicit consent for being able to access the electronic patient record on the application form.

  • 2. In person verification

    Go to the nearest identification point that is certified for the electronic patient record to have your application form and a copy of your ID checked.

  • 3. Open electronic patient record

    You can now open your electronic patient record with the relevant core community.
    Information regarding EPR can be obtained directly from the core community (see below).

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Has SwissID become an EPR provider?

No. SwissID is only providing the means of identification used to securely access the electronic patient record. SwissID itself is not an EPR provider. Any questions about the patient record should therefore be sent directly to your desired core community.

Can I choose which core community want to open my EPR with?

Although you are not restricted in your selection, for practical reasons, e.g. the specific languages supported, we recommend opening an EPR with a core community that is regionally aligned with the canton in which you are a resident. However, it is quite possible that a core community will only open the EPR for individuals from a specific region. Please visit patientrecord.ch for more information. 

Is there a minimum age for using the electronic patient record?

A verified SwissID identity is required to be able to open a patient record. This can be created regardless of age. Please contact your core community for information about the minimum age for opening an EPR.

I already have an identity which was verified in person, but I am informed that my identity is not yet enabled and/or qualified for accessing the electronic patient record, why is that?

Your identity must have been verified using a procedure that is certified for the electronic patient record. The available options are described on this page.

Why is it not possible to verify a person’s identity for the EPR using a German ID card?

The law requires that a person’s gender be specified in order to open an EPR. However, this information is missing on German ID cards. This identity document is therefore not permitted for identification purposes for the EPR. Use a German passport instead.