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Identification points

In order to use the signature service and/or access electronic patient records, a one-time identity verification is required. Please bring the necessary documents with you for on-site identification.

Preparation for your on-site appointment

Fill in and print out the application form

You need to bring your personal application form with you for your on-site identity verification. No forms are provided on site. 

Please proceed as follows:

  1. Click on "Create account" if you do not yet have a SwissID account or "Login" if you already have a SwissID account.

  2. Next go to "My verified identity".

  3. Open the menu item "Official identification points".

  4. Click on "Start".

  5. Print the application form.

  6. Sign the application form.

What you need for identification on-site

  1. Correctly filled-out application form (in accordance with the above instructions)

  2. Valid identification document (passport or ID card)

  3. Valid residence permit (only for patient record)

  4. Mobile phone with the same number as in the application

Do you want to perform the identity verification online?

No problem. You can carry out the online identity verification 24/7 free of charge via the SwissID app.