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Electronic signature

Thanks to the SwissID Sign electronic signature, you and your customers can easily sign contracts and other documents requiring a legally valid signature online, around the clock. SwissID Sign can be efficiently integrated into your existing business processes. Learn about the advantages and, soon, you too will be using purely digital workflows.

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Advantages of electronic signatures

  • Cost-efficient. You can design your processes to save time and eliminate media discontinuity. This means that you digitalise your workflows and save on both costs and resources for the same tasks. 

  • Secure and trustworthy. You guarantee authenticity and integrity. You ensure that the signature was provided by a recognised sender and that the document has not been modified afterwards. 

  • Environmentally friendly and future-proof. You offer fully digital signatures and therefore improve your environmental impact sustainably and in the long term. You have everything you need to develop additional digital services.

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The key features

Learn about the key features and try out SwissID Sign without any obligation. The first five signatures are free for new customers.

PDF documents

Sign PDF documents and forms (up to 20 MB per document).


Fill out form fields in the signing room and then add the signature afterwards.


Determine the sequence of signatures. Multiple signatories possible.


Personalise the visual signature with a logo or handwritten signature.

App or desktop

Signing is very simple with the SwissID App on a smartphone or desktop computer.


Payment is easy – with a credit card or prepaid on account.

Why choose SwissID Sign?

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    Signature complies with Swiss law (ESigA).

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    Identification complies with EPRA, ESigA, ETSI and FINMA standards.

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    All data stored in Switzerland.

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    Data protection based on the FADP and the GDPR.

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    Proactive identity and lifecycle management.

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    Free customer identification 24/7 with the SwissID App

SwissID Sign in 60 seconds

How ePost uses the integration solution.

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The signature model to suit your needs

Signature service

  • No integration required – upload the documents to be signed using a web browser

  • Access the signing room via desktop or mobile device

  • Pay by credit card or on account for contract customers

  • Five free signatures for new customers

Integrated signature solution

  • Seamless integration of the signature solution into existing processes and systems

  • On-premise or cloud-based installation

  • Scope to use your own identities*

  • White-label option

* Provided that they meet the requirements set out in the ESigA.

The common signature standards

Depending on the application or the relevant formal requirements, you have the choice between SES, AES and QES. Contracts that are generally valid without any formal legal requirements such as orders, purchase contracts and work contracts can also be signed using the QES.


Simple electronic signature​

​Examples of use​

  • ​Internal documents
  • Supplier orders
  • Invoice initials​
  • Protocols​

Signature for documents without any formal legal requirements and with low liability risk.


Advanced electronic signature​

​Examples of use​

  • ​Purchase agreements​ (excluding real estate)​
  • Employment contracts​
  • Service contracts​
  • Orders​

Signature for documents without any formal legal requirements and with medium liability risk.


Qualified electronic signature​

​Examples of use​

  • ​Audit reports​
  • Consumer credit contracts​
  • (Termination of) rental and lease contracts​
  • Temporary work contracts​

Signature for documents with formal legal requirements. Equivalent to a handwritten signature (Art. 14 (2)bis of the Swiss Code of Obligations).

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