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Interested in electronic signatures but still not sure how they might fit into your everyday business operations? Here, you can read up on how companies from various industries have integrated SwissSign’s signature solutions and learn about the benefits these companies and their customers are enjoying.

PostFinance | Financial institution

PostFinance has integrated the qualified electronic signature (QES) into its credit card ordering process. The signature solution from SwissSign is linked to the identification solution from PostFinance (Bankident PostFinance). 

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IBB Energie AG | Energy supply

IBB Energie AG opted for the signature service, which can be used directly and requires no integration. It uses simple and qualified electronic signatures for various internal and external processes.

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KLARA | Business Software for SMEs

KLARA has integrated the simple electronic signature (SES) from SwissSign into the ePost app via a REST-API. This allows end customers, for example, of insurance companies, to sign contracts online with ease.

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Mazars | Audit

Mazars uses the ready-to-go solution, which can be enabled without any integration effort. Audit reports, for example, can be signed with legal validity using the qualified electronic signature (QES) in accordance with compliance requirements. 

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Online shops selling alcohol or tobacco often have little to no age verification. Logging in with SwissID solves this problem. SwissID is easy to integrate into your shop or online service via APIs or with a plugin.

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