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Five questions about online identification for the electronic patient record (EPR)

Why do I need to identify myself to open an EPR?

Sensitive health data is stored in your electronic patient record. Prior identification ensures that only those authorised – e.g. you as the owner – are able to access it. Both patients and healthcare professionals therefore have to undergo identity verification before opening it. Depending on the canton and core communities, this can be done by patients either fully digitally or in person. For healthcare professionals, a different process is used.

Good to know: SwissID is only an identity provider for patients, not for healthcare professionals.

In which cantons can free digital identification be used for the EPR?

Free, fully digital identification for the EPR is currently available in the following cantons: Aargau, Appenzell Outer Rhodes, Appenzell Inner-Rhodes, Basel-City, Basel-Country, Bern, Fribourg, Glarus, Grisons, Nidwalden, Schaffhausen, Schwyz, Solothurn, St. Gallen, Thurgau, Valais, Zug and Zurich.

 3. When taking the video selfie, hold your mobile phone in front of you so the camera can record your whole face.

How does online identity verification work for the electronic patient record?

If you wish to open an electronic patient record (EPR), you must start the process through the responsible core community in your canton. There you will also find further information on the exact process.

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Online identity verification is then performed via the SwissID App. To access the EPR, you need a verified level 2 identity. This requires only three steps:

  1. Scan your identity document.

  2. Verify security features.

  3. Take a video selfie.

What can I do if digital identification for the EPR is not yet available in my canton?

If your canton does not yet support fully digital identification, you can still open an EPR. This requires EPR identification in person.

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Is SwissID itself also an EPR provider?

No. SwissID is only providing the means of identification used to securely access the electronic patient record. SwissID itself is not an EPR provider. Any questions about the patient record should therefore be sent directly to your desired core community.

More information

You can find additional information on digital identification for the electronic patient record and answers to other frequently asked questions on our website.

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