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Identity verification, secure login & digital signing.


SwissID App: not just secure – user-friendly as well

The SwissID App is the perfect companion for when you’re out and about. Simply have your identity verified once via the app and then unlock the full potential of your SwissID. 

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Sign digitally and easily via smartphone

From work contracts to cancellations to loan agreements – you can easily provide legally valid signatures for PDF documents through the SwissID App around the clock. The qualified electronic signature (QES) is equivalent to a handwritten signature.

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Secure login thanks to two-factor authentication

In addition to a password, the SwissID App increases the security of your SwissID account when you log in to an online service. You can control all of your login activities via the SwissID App and simply confirm login requests on the screen.

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In-app services for your day-to-day life

With the SwissID App, you benefit from in-app services that make your day-to-day life easier. For example, you can easily order a debt collection register extract online and will usually receive it via email within 24 hours. The extract is signed with a legally valid digital signature and can be used multiple times immediately after you’ve received it.

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Online identity verification via smartphone

Following successful online identity verification, you can digitally sign documents via the electronic signature and access online portals that require proof of identity. Have your mobile phone and passport on hand – and now you’re ready to get started! Online identity verification takes just a few minutes.

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