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Whether work contracts, cancellations or loan agreements – with SwissID Sign, you can easily provide legally valid signatures for documents around the clock.

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  • New customers receive five free qualified signatures upon activation.

  • You can pay conveniently with your credit card once you have used up your free signatures.

  • Get started immediately: 7x24 online identification

  • Multiple signatories per document possible
  • Personalise your visual signature
  • Fill out form fields and insert your signature via desktop or app
  • Confirm your signature using the SwissID App (iOS/Android) on your smartphone

SwissID Sign explained in 60 seconds

Activate SwissID Sign

  1. Download the SwissID App
  2. Create a SwissID account or log in with an existing account
  3. Verify your identity via the app for free *
  4. Upload your document online and sign it via desktop or app

* Accepted identity documents


Go directly to the app

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Impressed by the benefits of digital signatures? Once you have used up your free signatures, you can purchase additional digital signatures with ease and convenience using your credit card.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why do I need to download the signed document?

Your documents are not permanently stored in the signing room of SwissID Sign. The documents are automatically deleted following completion of the signing process (30 days). For further use or archiving purposes, the documents must be downloaded and saved to your own infrastructure.

How can signature fields be defined in PDFs?

You can use Adobe Acrobat to define what are known as digital signature fields in PDFs. Relevant documentation is available from Adobe’s support page

I do not have a credit card. Can the signature packages also be paid on account?

Payment on account is not offered. The following payment options are available: PostFinance card, Visa, Mastercard.

What do I need in order to use SwissID Sign?

To use SwissID Sign, you’ll need a SwissID account with a verified identity, along with a smartphone with the SwissID App installed. The identity check must have been completed before enrolling for the signature service and the submitted ID documents must still be valid at the time of registering for the signature service in the SwissID App. The required smartphone specs are shown below under ‘What are the hardware requirements for smartphones?’.

What are the hardware requirements for smartphones?

The operating systems iOS (version 12.0 or later) and Android (version 8.0 or later) are supported. The manufacturer’s protective measures must not be circumvented (i.e. the device must not be ‘rooted’ or ‘jail-broken’). The device must contain a hardware-based trusted execution environment (such as Secure Enclave on iPhones) that can be unlocked with biometrics (fingerprint or facial recognition).

With which PDF programs does SwissID Sign work?

In the SwissID Sign signature room, you can upload PDF documents that were created in accordance with Adobe PDF version 1.2 or higher. The verification of electronic signatures is ensured in the Adobe products. 

If you use other PDF software, you must clarify the following two points with the provider:

  • For upload: Are documents created according to the specifications of the Adobe PDF standard?
  • For verification: Is verification of electronic signatures possible?

Is there a maximum file size for PDFs?

PDFs with a file size of up to 20 MB are supported.

How does the new solution differ from the previous one, SuisseID?

The ‘old’ SuisseID was based on a local signature and required a hardware token containing the signature certificate. The new solution uses the smartphone itself as the hardware token. SuisseID is being fully replaced with the new signature solution.

I’ve lost the mobile phone that I use for electronic signatures. What should I do?

If your mobile phone has been lost or stolen, please contact customer support as soon as possible.

I’ve got a new mobile phone. How can I use the SwissID App on this new device?

Please revoke the certificate you use for SwissID Sign before you switch mobile phones. You can do so in your SwissID account in the ‘SwissID Sign’ menu using ‘Revoke certificate’. Then open the SwissID App on your new mobile phone and use the ‘Signing service’ icon to activate your access to the SwissID Sign service. Access to your documents remains guaranteed as long as you use the same SwissID account as before. Click here to get more information about using the SwissID App.

Is the electronic signature also valid abroad?

The electronic signature currently only supports signatures in accordance with the Swiss Federal Act on Electronic Signatures (ESigA). It is therefore only legally valid and binding for contracts subject to Swiss law.

SwissID Sign works without any additional hardware. How secure is it?

SwissID Sign fulfils the standards required by law and has been certified accordingly. The signature service uses the smartphone’s hardware-based trusted execution environment (e.g. Secure Enclave on the iPhone) to protect the security keys. This trusted environment is also protected by hardware-based security.

How can I have my certificate revoked?

You can have your certificate revoked in your SwissID account at swissid.ch. To do so, please download this form and follow the instructions within it.

I would like to change the name in my digital signature. How do I proceed?

Due to regulatory requirements, this is no longer possible.