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New features for SwissID Sign: personalise your signature and insert it into your documents on your desktop

Signing documents electronically with SwissID Sign just got even better. 
These new features await you: 

  • Insert your signature using your desktop: You can now insert your signature directly on your desktop computer. You can confirm your signature via the SwissID App on your smartphone. 
  • Personalise your visual signature: You can now customise your signature with your company logo or another image. You can also draw and maintain your handwritten signature directly in the signing room.  
  • Fill out form fields: PDF forms with corresponding fields can be filled out, saved, and sent with a digital signature directly in the signing room.  
  • Simple electronic signature (SES) for business customers with contracts: SES can now be used for documents without any formal legal requirements (e.g. signing internal documents, invoices or supplier orders). No prior identification or integration required. Read more 

Using digital signatures already?  
Give it a try! New customers get five signatures for free.  

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