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Everything you need to know for a smooth start

We’ve put together a quick reference guide of key information to help you get off to a smooth start. In our Download area, you will also find all the technical integration information and guidelines for a successful customer experience, plus tips on how to design the SwissID button.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any design requirements for the SwissID button (font, colour, shape, etc.)?

It is important to us that SwissID always has a consistent design and that users will not be confused by different colours and logos on various websites. This is why we ask that you follow our SwissID Button Style Guide. It provides simple descriptions to ensure you know exactly what button designs are allowed.

How does the technical integration of SwissID work?

To ensure smooth, swift and efficient integration, refer to our Technical Integration Guidelines, which contain all of the relevant details. The guide will enable to you to offer your users a simple, secure and practical SwissID login process.

SwissID can also be easily integrated into your shop system with the help of plug-ins.

Are there any examples of best practices for implementing everything?

The examples described in the SwissID Button Style Guide are particularly helpful if you are ready to set up your login area (e.g. native login) right away. Our guide shows you the best way to integrate the SwissID into your existing login screen. The Customer Experience Guidelines also show you how to best implement the SwissID and therefore offer your customers the best possible UX flow.

Can you as a partner have a look at the integration on the test platform together with someone from SwissID?

It is particularly important to us that we are involved once you begin planning the integration on your test platform, or when you have actually implemented SwissID at the very latest. For example, we can run through the integration together with you and let you know early on if any improvements can be made.

What can you do if you do not want to or cannot carry out the integration yourselves?

SwissID uses OpenID Connect technology, so it’s very easy to integrate into your existing IT landscape. You are still free to have a trusted partner carry out the integration for you instead, however. We can also advise you if you would like to take advantage of the expertise of one of our highly experienced integration partners. For more information, go to swissid.ch/en/partner.

Why are we asking you to notify us of your redirect URLs?

To ensure everything runs smoothly, please send us all of your redirect URLs (without wildcards, i.e. *) so that we can whitelist them.

You may include as many URLs as you like. Feel free to contact us at any time if you need us to add any more. We’ll do so promptly.

Any other questions?

We will be happy to guide you through the process one step at a time.

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You will need the following documents to properly integrate SwissID into your online portal.

Plug-ins for easily integrating SwissID into your shop system

Click on the shop system you use and install the SwissID plug-in:

Please note that a signed partner contract with SwissSign AG must be available in order to use the SwissID plug-in. We’ll be happy to advise you.

SwissID reference application

The SwissID environment also makes conducting testing using our reference application an absolute breeze. Please note that, to do so, you need to change the client ID and redirect URL in the authentication request.

Open the reference application