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How Legal Light uses the ready-to-go solution from SwissID Sign

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Legal Light offers legal advice and support, as well as outsourcing of legal responsibilities. The company provides its customers with all-round assistance, making the law a tool which can be used in business projects. Legal Light aims to take a humane, stakeholder-friendly approach in order to make legal advice easier to provide in the operating and commercial environment.

Initial situation

  • In today’s business world, communication and collaboration with customers often takes place remotely using digital, not analogue, methods. That’s also the case at Legal Light.

  • Lawyers and solicitors need to sign all kinds of documents in their day-to-day work, from powers of attorney to contracts and NDAs.

  • Handwritten signatures slow down the process and the progress of projects, creating a pain point. 

Legal Light sought a signature solution that was easy and efficient to implement without integration effort. It needed to allow contracts and other documents to be signed and concluded more swiftly, without media discontinuity. Ideally, it would also offer a choice between a simple (SES) and qualified electronic signature (QES). 

The SwissSign solution

  • Legal Light uses the ready-to-go solution from SwissID Sign. It uploads the documents for signature to the signing room and invites counterparties to sign them via email.

  • Legal Light sets the preferred signature sequence in its signing room. The counterparties then supply their signatures in just a few clicks.  

  • The signed document is returned with access protection and is only available via a download link, safeguarding it from unauthorised third-party access.

  • The counterparties can use the signature solution without incurring costs. Billing takes place directly via the signature provider, in this case Legal Light.

  • Legal Light can now carry out a fully digital signature process – with no media discontinuity and beneficial time savings.

Screenshot of the SwissID Sign app showing how a non-disclosure agreement was signed

Feedback from Legal Light

Thanks to the signature solution from SwissSign, we were able to take another step in digitalising our core business. Digital signatures are a modern, efficient and swift solution. We can now support and empower our customers using SwissID Sign in just a few clicks.

Logo from the company Legal Light

Looking to integrate SwissID Sign into your processes?

The integration solution from SwissID Sign can be easily integrated via a REST-API. Or you can use our ready-to-go solution, as in the above example, which requires no integration. For companies that want to keep their documents in their own environment, the on-premise solution is the way to go.

We’re here to help

Not sure which model is right for you? We’ll provide non-binding advice and can also guide you through the SwissID Sign environment directly as part of a live demo. 

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