Conditions SwissID Sign web signature client

  • The Customer acquires the right to use a maximum num-ber of signatures (packet). This right may be exercised for a validity period of 24 months from the date of purchase of a packet. 
  • If the right to use the signatures is not exercised in full within 24 months, it shall be forfeited without compensation. Packets cannot be accumulated.
  • New customers receive five free signatures upon activation of the SwissID Sign service.
  • The applicable prices and maximum number of signatures per packet shall be published on the website https://www.swissid.ch/sign.
  • Signature at QES level: in order to use this it is necessary to carry out a personal identity check using SwissID (LoT2).
  • All prices include VAT, and the payment shall be settled online. The prices indicated are valid per order.

Conditions cloud and on-premise solution

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