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Open your EPR from the comfort of your own home

When opening an EPR, the identification can be done entirely online by residents of the following cantons:

  • Aargau

  • Appenzell Outer Rhodes

  • Appenzell Inner-Rhodes

  • Basel-City

  • Basel-Country

  • Bern

  • Fribourg

  • Glarus

  • Grisons

  • Nidwalden

  • Schaffhausen

  • Schwyz

  • Solothurn

  • St. Gallen

  • Thurgau

  • Valais

  • Zug

  • Zurich

Further information

Alternative process enabling the opening of an EPR for other cantons

For cantons that do not yet support digital identification, we offer an alternative process that allows an EPR identification to be performed on site. Further details are available at swissid.ch/en/epd.