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Establish trust with your customers

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This is why a login with SwissID is so secure

  • Strong password

    SwissID requires a very strong and secure password – this allows you to establish trust with your customers.

  • Second factor

    With a second factor (e.g. the SwissID App), your customers add an extra level of security to their SwissID account.

Not just secure – user-friendly as well.

  • Log in without a password

    Added security and convenience: With the SwissID App as a FIDO-compliant means of identification in the future, your customers can log in securely and without a password.

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Verified identities

We take care of the identification process for you.

The right level of trust for your digital presence

There are different identity requirements depending on the type of online platform. SwissID distinguishes between two different levels of trust. The identification process is free of charge for your customers and takes place online via the SwissID App (e.g. for electronic signature) or in person on site (for electronic patient record). 

As a basis, SwissID users are given a SwissID account by entering their name and email address. This serves as a simple and secure login for different online applications that do not require proof of identity.
In addition to this, there are two trust levels.
1. Verified identity level 1:
- Access to online portals such as insurance companies, pension funds or e-commerce platforms.
- Online debt collection register extract orders via the SwissID app.
The identity check is done using the SwissID app.
2. Verified identity level 2:
- Access to the electronic patient record (EPR) or e-banking.
- Conclusion of contracts using a qualified electronic signature (QES).
The identity check is done using the SwissID app (for electronic signature) or in person (for qualified electronic signature and electronic patient record).

SwissID Sign

Sign electronically – anywhere, any time.

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Simple processes without media discontinuity thanks to digital signatures.

With SwissID Sign, your customers can easily sign contracts and other documents requiring a legally valid signature online, around the clock.

  • Work more efficiently

    SwissID Sign means you can design your processes in a time-saving, paperless way, without any media discontinuity.

  • Cut costs

    Save time and money, as the administrative effort is reduced many times over.

  • Sign anywhere

    You and your clients can sign documents anywhere at any time with a smartphone.

Data protection

Optimal protection for your customer data.

We take data protection seriously.

Data remains in Switzerland

We take data protection seriously at SwissID. We comply with the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection and the EU’s GDPR. All data is stored in Switzerland and is not used for commercial purposes.


Separate data storage

Personal and transaction data is strictly separated to further enhance data security.


Customers decide on data sharing

At all times, it is your customers who decide whom to share their data with. They can view and – if required – revoke approvals issued at any time in their personal SwissID account. 


Principle of data economy

To protect your customers’ privacy, only the user data required for transaction processes can be requested.