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SwissID offers your residents secure access to their citizen portal.

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SwissID lets you lay the foundation for secure digital administration.

Give your residents simple and secure access to their citizen account with SwissID. Verified identities mean municipalities and cantons can already introduce efficient processes without media discontinuity.

Federal, cantonal, civic and municipal authorities benefit from attractive Swiss Information Technology Conference conditions

The key features at a glance.

Administrations that already use SwissID

The cantons of Jura, Zug, Graubünden, Aargau, Bern, St. Gallen, Solothurn, Valais and Fribourg are already using SwissID. Why not join them?

Portrait of Rudolf Gisler

Rudolf Gisler, IT security representative/IT architect

Our customers value the 24/7 access to the Canton of Zug’s online services provided by the ‘ZUGLOGIN’ identification solution. Combined with two-factor authentication, the integrated SwissID login doesn’t just make carrying out e-government tasks easier – it also makes it safer.

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