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SwissID is a secure, cross-industry login solution and the Swiss alternative to the common social login options. You can use SwissID to log into your government portal, insurance companies and many other online services. That means you can report a move online, apply for an insurance policy or submit applications even outside of business hours. Access to your electronic patient record is also extremely easy using the SwissID login. 

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Why choose the SwissID login solution?

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    No annoying memorising or resetting of countless passwords.

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    Increased data security through a second factor (e.g. app).

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    You decide who you want to share data with and can withdraw approvals at any time.

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    In the SwissID App, you can see when you last shared your attributes.

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    Data protection based on the FADP and the GDPR.

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    All data stored on servers in Switzerland.

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Public services & authorities

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Media, e-commerce and others

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IT, Finance and Insurance

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For business customers

SwissID as a secure login solution

Do you have an online shop or a government portal, and would you like to offer your visitors a simple and secure login solution? SwissID is easy to integrate and offers you numerous advantages.

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