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SwissSign becomes SwissSign Group

To create and implement a digital identity in Switzerland, SwissSign Group Ltd., a joint venture of state-affiliated businesses, financial institutions, insurance and health insurance companies, was founded today.

The aim of the new company is to combine know-how and existing initiatives in the field of digital identity under one umbrella and to establish SwissID as a broadly-supported, efficient solution.

SwissSign Group Ltd. will integrate the activities of the current SwissSign Ltd. (founded in 2001) and continue to develop the existing SwissID solution. SwissSign Ltd. was, from May 2017, a joint venture of Swiss Post and SBB which, together with the new consortium partners, will be involved in SwissSign Group Ltd. The management of the new company will be led by Markus Naef (CEO).

CEO Markus Naef on today’s foundation of the company: “In recent months we have experienced a strong interest from the economic sector and were able to further consolidate the founding partners of SwissSign Group Ltd. We want to benefit from this tailwind to continue to develop a broadly-supported and efficient solution for digital identities in Switzerland. The previous demand and use gives us the confidence that, with SwissID, we can make access to the digital world easier and more secure.”

Further information is available here.  

About SwissSign Group Ltd. 

SwissSign Group Ltd. is a leading provider of certificate-based IT security and a joint venture of state-affiliated businesses, financial institutions, insurance and health insurance companies (SBB, Swiss Post, Swisscom, Credit Suisse, Raiffeisen, Six Group, UBS, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Axa, Baloise, Helvetia, Mobiliar, Swiss Life, Vaudoise, Zurich, CSS and SWICA). As a trusted link between online services and users, its services provide the basis for secure, simple and efficient digital processes.

SwissSign Group Ltd. has two cornerstones: identity services under the brand SwissID and certificate services. SwissID is the digital identity of Switzerland which enables simple and secure access to the online world. Thanks to electronic certificates, data can be exchanged in encrypted form and therefore protected against unauthorised access. As a Swiss trust service provider (TSP), SwissSign Group Ltd. accompanies people and companies into a successful digital future, and protects data according to the highest security standards while keeping it in Switzerland.