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SwissID Release 4.4 | 06.10.2021

The next release 4.4 will take place on 06.10.2021 in the time from 01.00h to 01.30h. 

Our PreProd environment is already available to you as a business partner (Relying Party) for testing the new features. 

We strive to keep the restrictions for you as low as possible. Nevertheless, there may be short-term service interruptions for users during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Release 4.4 includes the following new features and changes relevant for SwissID users

  • Optimization of the identification via SwissID App  
  • Optimization of MTAN SMS as second factor (shortened text) 

Update 15.07.2021

Last night SwissID Release 4.3 has successfully been put in production.

New features and changes relevant for SwissID owners:

  • SwissID is also a certified identity provider for electronic patient records (EPRs). EPR-compliant identities can be issued from this release.
  • The ‘SwissID Sign’ signature service for qualified electronic signatures will be launched with this release and will be available through the app release from mid-July for SwissID owners of verified identity ‘LoT 2’ (‘Level of Trust 2’ is in line with ZertES, the Federal law on electronic signatures; identification through physical appearance, personal visit).
  • Ordering extracts from the debt collection register via the SwissID App. The functionality will also be available from mid-July.


Changes relevant for business partners

SwissSign Group is investing in the future with the migration to a new private cloud infrastructure

Since 24th of June SwissSign Group is operating with a new state-of-the-art infrastructure, which has already been certified in accordance with the Federal law on electronic signatures (ZertES) and the electronic patient record (EPR). The new infrastructure meets the highest standards of security and flexibility.

The full functionality of the release will become available with the upcoming rollout of the  SwissID App, which is scheduled for next week.

Update 18.06.2021

The new SwissID IdP is using different IP addresses than the one that is currently in production at the current provider.

RPs need so assure that these new IP addresses are not blocked by their firewalls, otherwise the back-channel communication between IdP and RP is going to fail.

Please make sure the following IP-range (production and integration endpoints) is reachable from your site:  -

The access to those IPs from your site must be in place by 23 June 24:00, as we are scheduling the go-life for after that date.

We recommend to also check the access to the new integration environment which is ready for testing.

Update 07.06.2021

We entered the final phase of the migration to the new SwissID infrastructure. We expect that the current valid integration ( environment will remain unaffected, although a residual risk of short-term interruptions exists. In such cases we do our best to make sure to recover fast.

Update 07.06.2021 | Information about new pre-prod environment

We are currently testing the new integration environment in a pilot phase.

The environment is termed “Pre-Prod: Sandbox” and shall become the new place where all RPs can run their integration tests starting from 22 june 2021. The endpoints of the new environment are:

Test users: we will migrate all test users of the current INT on Post to the new environment, so that we do not have to re-create all test accounts again.

The test accounts must, however, meet three conditions:

  • The email-address must be valid
  • The phone number must be valid  (for 2FA tests)
  • attributes are not allowed to use any domain name owned by SwissSign Group

Please note: the test accounts will have to re-register the authenticator for push-notifications in order to work for properly – as the URL of the environment changed.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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