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SwissID Sign webinars

Digitalise your business processes

With SwissID Sign, you and your customers can do business around the clock. Our cloud or on-premise solution can be efficiently integrated into your existing workflows and processes. Or you can use our web signature client, which requires no integration and enables you to sign documents easily and digitally from your smartphone.


The webinar lasts 30 minutes, including time for your questions at the end. 

  1. The advantages of digital signatures
    How SwissID Sign can make your industry more efficient. You save time and reduce costs for the long term. 
  2. Common use cases and the various types of signature
    What is the difference between a simple and a qualified electronic signature? What is the legal basis for these signatures?
  3. Signing room live demo
    NEW: carry out identity verification entirely online and sign electronically at any time.

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February 7, 16.00 to 16.30 (French)


February 23, 09.00 to 09.30 (German)


March 7, 09.00 to 09.30 (German)


March 29, 16.00 to 16.30 (German)


April 13, 09.00 to 09.30 (German)


April 21, 09.00 to 09.30 (French)


May 10, 16.00 to 16.30 (French)


May 23, 09.00 to 09.30 (German)


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Target group

The webinar is aimed at IT specialists and other interested parties in private and public companies. SwissID Sign is a cross-sector solution for companies of all sizes, from SMEs to large corporations, and for public authorities.

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